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The Association : 


The ASWW is an association created by Mike Walker, in memory of his wife Sarah injustly murdered on November 7, 2015.

Mike wanted that the spirit of Sarah, whom many of you knew and loved, be maintained in the pursuance of her personal goals and objectives within the community. Thus the statutes of the ASWW were filed in February 2016 (see legal notices) to provide help and support to children of school age, resident within the Val de Dagne and having a talent, skill, or passion, anything that would enrich their lives but whose parents, for lack of income are unable to  fund this activity.


The ASWW is currently represented by :


Mike Walker                          Founder President,

Antonin Andrieu                    Honorary President

Annick Moneret                    Vice President of Honour

Corinne Bourdereau             Secretary

Jean-François Bachet          Treasurer

Daniel Lépine                       Communications Officer


Many of you will have known Sarah, and perhaps would to get involved in the ASWW and help to foster the spirit of community and friendship for which she worked and encouraged. The ASWW speaks of solidarity in difficult situations, in order that any talent, skill or particular interest of a child in a school subject, foreign language, sport, etc, is not delayed or lost due to financial issues.


Mike has made a significant financial donation to start the Association and will  work to see that the aims and objectives and of the Association are achieved. But it will be thanks to all of you that the ASWW will be able to continue to provide help and support, for what he considers to be a worthy cause.




By becoming a member, of course, since contributions will provide us with the ability to help children.

By making a donation, by cheque, cash or bank transfer or via PayPal (see "Good to Know" menu) for which you will receive a tax receipt (application pending within 6 months)

By speaking of the Association to those around you.

By helping to keep the spirit of Sarah alive.


We especially thank the American artist Kathleen Florance ( for designing ASWW logos (under her copyright), and graphic designer Mike Dumont. for helping to reproduce them on the website.


The Actions :


The ASWW will not make financial donations. In support of a confidential personal file, four members of a designated committee chaired by Mike Walker will review each application. Depending upon its merits, taking into full account both the talent or skill and the circumstances, ASWW could provide finance for transport, to visit a school in view of a special project, an item of equipment, a musical instrument, participation to or in an event. Further examples could be the provision of equipment for a school, a donation to another association or organizing events itself (sculpture, painting, writing, sports, etc.)


Benefit :


If you think that we can help you, get in touch with us. Your file will be examined with the biggest care, the biggest impartiality and the biggest confidentiality. We will answer you as soon as possible.


" We cannot change the past,

but together we can change the future."

Association Sarah Wafflard-Walker
8 rue des Couteaux
11220 Montlaur


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